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Sales Accelerator PRogram

Hyper Laser-Targeted & Qualified LEads & Appointments in less than 1 week

Program Overview

Are you ready to say goodbye to the grind and hello to a flourishing business with consistent B2B appointments in your calendar - week over week?
Our revolutionary program sets you up with our proven sales accelerator marketing and sales process, and so you can book
between 4 to 8 qualified high-ticket clients per week.

Our program is designed to help you overcome all the bottlenecks you've been facing in your business. We'll teach you how to turn your services into an IRRESISTIBLE offer that people can't walk away from, and how to hyper-laser target it to your ideal client - the one who is ready to hire you now and has the funds to do so.

Using our cutting-edge copywriting strategies, we will implement high-converting copy to your laser-targeted B2B niche for you. And with our advanced direct response B2B marketing techniques, you'll be able to expand beyond your organic reach, even if you don't have followers and without spending a single dollar on ads. 

We'll also teach you how to extensively vet and prequalify your clients, so you never have to wonder why they didn't close. And you'll learn the 5 SECRETS that make closing inevitable, natural, and non-pushy.

Don't let your business struggle any longer. Sign up for our program today and learn how to create a market of one for yourself, where you don't have any competition. Book more high-ticket clients and take your business to the next level. 






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How it Works



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Our Background

Meet Lena Viktoria Frenzel, the mastermind behind the Sales Accelerator Program. With over 10 years of experience in executive marketing positions at companies like Nike, Google, Facebook, YouTube, and various marketing agencies and tech start-ups, Lena has synergized the best practices of these companies to bring them to her clients.

Unlike an agency model, her clients in the Sales Accelerator Program get to work with Lena as her dedicated CMO, train and ramp up their teams, and transform them into a high-performing sales machine. During the program, Lena and her team will also build and implement the sales accelerator marketing and sales funnel in their organization, adding consistent qualified leads and appointments to your business, week over week, and as early as within one week of starting the program. 

​Results vary from person to person and we do not guarantee that you will achieve similar results or outcomes by using our products or services.



"Lena is amazing. As a small family business we needed  her assistance in countless ways. She goes above and beyond, has helped us grow exponentially, and it is obvious that she truly cares about her clients. One of the most organized people I ever met in my entire life."

Sameer Shoney

Shoney Scientific, Medical Device Offshore Manufacturing

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