Global Business
With half of our team members being trilingual and born and raised in Germany, and half of it living in the United States, our expertise fosters the understanding of global businesses that want to branch out or better localize their services and products to the North American and European markets.
Working on localization projects for MZ for their app Final Fantasy XV and for Facebook to understand the localization requirements of German Facebook groups better, we understand what it takes to translate data insights and cultural dimensions into actionable product features and online campaigns. 
Localization & Internationalization
Global Business
Analytical Advantage
Data-Driven Decisions & Research
Decisions & Research
Analytical Advantage
We specialize in data-driven online marketing because we have leveraged the power of data first hand, working with Facebook, YouTube, Google, and MZ utilizing the latest cutting-edge data analysis technology to gain competitive advantages in the saturated marketplace of tech.
Professor Dr. Haumer, our head of Data Science, is also the Vice Dean and Head of Media at the Macromedia School in Munich, Germany. Before he became an internationally renowned scholar in the data science field, he held various leadership positions in marketing, communication and business development in the media and consulting industry.
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Video and Photo Content Production
Visual Storytelling 
Visual Storytelling
Video and Photo Media Production
Hiring Lucid Strategies to plan, execute, and measure your digital campaigns will save you time, money, and tedious communication loops or working with third-party media production companies.
We are the one-stop shop for your marketing needs.
With our in-house capabilities to realize and produce your campaigns, we save you the time and trouble it would take to find and brief another vendor. We act agile, and the close collaboration between our media producers and our strategists ensures that nothing gets lost in the translation between branding concept and our final brand assets.