Our Results-Oriented Approach 


Status Quo Assessment

  • Assessment of

    • current market position

    • selling messages

    • sales tools

    • the effectiveness of strategies and tactics


Vision and GoaLS

  • identifying your key performance indicators  

  • formulating your short term, mid term, and long term goal


Business Analysis

  • qualitative and quantitative data analysis

  • uncovering customer insights 

  • identifying untapped growth opportunities


Plan Building

  • Leveraging the highest impact items to achieve the defined business goal by formulating 

    • long term strategy

    • mid term tactics

    • short term action items


Execution and Optimization

  • Implementation of business plan items, which can involve the following optional items​​

    • video and photo asset production ​

    • A/B testing of landing pages, emails, social & Google ads

    • launching of advertising campaigns

      • social​ media ads

      • email marketing

      • Google AdWords 

      • influencer marketing


Measurement and Reporting

  • your predefined goals will be measured and reported to you at 100% transparency

  • clear and easy to understand reports that show you:

    • How many more customers did I receive?

    • How many customers came from social, email, Google AdWords?

    • How much did I spend per new customer and what was the revenue they brought?

    • How does the spending differ for the different communication channels, campaigns, and advertising assets?

    • What is my return on ad spent?